Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mobile SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing has taken Asia and Europe by storm but is in its infancy in North America. Consider the millions of people using SMS communications daily and the countless applications this technology can have. Now think about how easily and effectively it can be utilized as a means of executing a well-targeted marketing campaign.

Until recently, text messaging has been associated only with the exchange of information between friends and family members. Now, SMS is being used for content services such as television voting and polls. The newest and most promising application is as a business tool. SMS has delivered excellent response rates for a variety of companies that have added it to their marketing mix - in some cases over 20% ! So what are you waiting for? Now is the right time to jump in and establish an almost unlimited source of substantial long-term income, by acquainting businesses with our advanced marketing platform under your own brand.

What makes our service even more exciting is that it can be applied to almost any business model. Each of the businesses in the partial list below could use our services to target their customers instantly and inexpensively, thus increasing profitability: REGISTER HERE